About Us

Specializing in Handmade Paper Manufacturers

More than pioneering a trend set to this market, Lepapier has changed the product array of this industrial shelf. Lepapier PIONEERS CHANGE & CREATION. Along with utmost brainstorming and creativity at the birth in any of its product life cycles, there also comes their relentless quest for perfection in their creations we bring to our homes and hearts. Their identity lies firmly ingrained in each of their manifestations; that have the capacity to reflect the deeply authenticated ideas, ethical beliefs and creative paraphernalia, that Lepapier stands for. May it be the order of ordinary hand made paper or a table made from an advancement in their material. Or from the colorful accessories of fashionable ladies foot ware to a splash in color palette bikinis. Lepapier is the innovator, putting utility to any form their paper manifests.

Overseas Channeling

The name and success slowly began spilling over the confines of our geographical boundaries. Exports on a rise, have made need for setting up corporate offices on foreign soil. Now, Lepapier stands accredited and acclaimed as an International brand that symbolizes a genre combining fashion ability, requirement and creativity. Constant innovation in its product lines is what makes Lepapier a unique player in this international part of the market. Convinced that the markets are far from being saturated and that numerous countries are expecting such extraordinary products, Lepapier has been spreading its wings to newer avenues. In the last few years, the international markets have been showing an ever-growing propensity towards the brands products and services, which has helped Lepapier to vastly increase its clientele.

Customer Gratification

It has always been an endeavor to constantly find out innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction at all levels. A 100% customer return ratio boasts for itself the quality of bond we share with our clients. As a company today, we are focused on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Our objective is to create an environment where clients feel like a part of our ever-growing family. A selection of numero-uno professionals have been chosen to mix their expertise together for the ultimate wowing experience that a customer takes home. A successful business is only as good as the sum of its parts, and we feel extremely fortunate to have such an exceptional team. By the time you see a utility and say, “paper”… Lepapier has already made it a reality.

Social Responsibility

Lepapier aims to create an unforgettable experience that blends distinctive elegance with functional luxury, but there in their goals, lies a strong social and ecological assistance. The paper isn’t a product of felled trees, but instead is a refined fabrication from strands of cotton. Lepapier has also made leather substitutes, as a drive to proclaim their ideals against animal stock goods. Besides, they also contribute to any social events that uphold the need to build a better world. Lepapier are a true showcase of people’s good intentions taking form to contribute back to society and nature, which has given us in plenty.